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The Early Years

  • The St. Paul MB Church was founded approximately 150 years ago by our ancestors, who were in need of a place to worship God. They built a structure called a "bush harbor" on a strip of land in Warsaw, Mississippi.
  • God opened the heart of a white landowner by the name of Tom Hicks, who donated a strip of land on what was then named White Road. A St. Paul member, Street Guy, along with others, built a wooden structure that became St. Paul MB Church. Year later, it was bricked. Other deacons at St. Paul during this time were Eli White, Stephen Crockett, Henry McGee, Wyatt Saulsberry, Sr., Sherman Stanbeck, Ferry Ingram, and William Young.
  • On January 2, 1909, the county built a school on the same property which was named Tyson School, but everyone called it St. Paul School. In 1958, a property deed was given to the church by Dudley Rook Moore, Jr. and his wife Myra Moore to deacons Len Buck Ingram, George Crockett, Will Richmond, Elbert (Buck) Milan, and T. C. McGraven.


Solidifying the Foundation

  • In the early 1960's, the church acquired property where the old Tyson School was located and made it a parking lot. Later on, Dudley Moore donated the property across the ditch behind the church. Old St. Paul is one of the oldest buildings still standing in the Warsaw area today. White Road later named Honest Jack Road, is now named St. Paul Road after the oldest remaining building on that road.
  • In1993, under the leadership of Pastor Andrew Cheairs, the membership began to grow and was in need of a larger place to worship.  The church purchased two lots on Highway 309 around the corner from the original church.  On the first Sunday in April, 1994, which was also Easter Sunday, the St. Paul family moved into their new sanctuary.

Celebrating Our Heritage

  • On March 6, 1997, we laid our corner stone.  In 2002, the church constructed a new Bell Tower out front by the request of Deacon Jessie Guy.  Many members have moved on, some to their final resting place, some to other churches, some to other states, but our founding fathers still have family members here today.  The Guys, McGees, Crocketts, Saulsberrys, Youngs, and others.  Please remember that through sweat and tears they struggled to have a place of their own to worship God.

The Future

  • Between the years of 2000 and 2002, many of our strong, long time members passed away to a far better home.  But, on January 5, 2003, God called home that which was the backbone of this church, Deacon Jessie Guy, the grandson of one of the founders.  Deacon Guy was an understudy of Deacon George Crockett who molded him in his footsteps.  Both were Sunday School Superintendents, sang the same songs (You Ought To Live So God Can Use You), and prayed the same prayer.
  • Another momentous even occurred in April of 2003.  By God's grace and mercy, and under the leadership of Pastor Andrew Cheairs, the St. Paul MB Church family was able to celebrate being debt free.  We were blessed to "burn the mortgage", by paying off a 15 year note in only nine years.  God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good!.

  • 2005 marked the construction of the St. Paul Outreach Center.  A year later, the construction was complete and St. Paul now had the facilities to give back to the Marshall County, Byhalia, and all greater Mid-South communities.  We look forward to winning souls for God and making the Mid-South a better place for all of our families and children.